The Wellness Center of San Joaquin County

Mission Statement

The Wellness Center of San Joaquin County will support and educate consumers, family members and the community on issues concerning Mental Health. Our purpose is to reduce stigma related to mental illness through peer support and self-help. We believe in transformation and recovery.

Vision Statement

“We are a people who are not our illness. We have strengths within ourselves and want to be recognized for them. We believe it is important to recognize everyone has core gifts to offer and share with the community. Our purpose is to help others find the strengths and gifts within themselves. This, in return, builds strength within us all.”


Mental Health Consumers:

– Peer run support classes and groups;
– Access to resources to encourage an individual's journey toward recovery;
– Support from Peer Recovery Coaches;
– One-on-one peer counseling (non-clinical);

Family Members & Loved Ones:

– Access to resources to enhance knowledge of mental illness and how to be an effective supporter;
– Information about other supportive resources in the community.

Community Partners:

– Outreach and education with community partners;
– Partnering to reduce stigma related to mental illness;
– Collaboration in furthering the transformation of public Mental Health Services
– Partnering to provide streamlined access to services and support.


Peer Support Classes & Groups:

– Confidential and safe environment for consumers to share their experiences and learn from other consumers;
– Information Andres strategies for medication alliance;
– Basic healthcare;
– Budgeting, money management and smart shopping;
– Community support services;
– Learning strategies for effective interaction with the Social Security Administration and other resources.

Serenity Room:

– Available for individual, spiritual exploration and growth as part of recovery;
– The Serenity Room is available for quiet time and exploring a holistic approach to Mental Health and awareness.

Wellness Recovery Action Plan (WRAP):

– Consumers develop and utilize an individualized recovery plan;
– Learn to identify individual symptoms, triggers and needs;
– Learn the skills for resilience and how to bounce back from life’s challenges;
– Learn the skills necessary for self-responsibility, self-advocacy, recovery and wellness;
– Develop a support system of trusted friends, family members and professionals.


Peer Support:

– Advocacy
– Classes
– Groups

Other Resources:

– Computer Lab
– Self-Education Library
– Serenity Room
– Information about Employment, Housing, Transportation & Other Community Resources



The belief that we can and will overcome barriers and obstacles confronting us.


The belief that we can overcome challenges in our lives and accomplish our goals.


The belief that we are responsible for the consequences of our choices and we learn from our mistakes.


The belief that we can be active and contributing members of our community.

Creative Expression

Think outside the box! Let’s create ways to express ourselves and promote wellness together. This could be through journaling, acting, dancing, singing, drawing and many other ways. ACTION!!!

Dual Discovery

If you struggle with an addiction and a mental illness — this is the group for you! Learn to deal effectively with current and/or past addiction(s) and mental health issues.

Healthy Relationships

Building healthy relationships is key to having something long lasting and positive in your life. This group educates and teaches you the boundaries of having your own healthy relationships with people in your life.

Learning Your Illness

Do you have an illness? This non-judgmental class can bring you hope, relief, or self-awareness to what you need for this day and age. Come learn with others who have similar stories and know that you are not alone.


Do you enjoy meditation, guided imagery and other relaxation exercises? Join us and experience these techniques.

Peer Support

Ever said, “I’ve been there!?!” If so, come share your experiences and help someone else. An opportunity to learn and share group wisdom for recovery from mental illnesses; New coping skills are shared each and every week!

Stop the Madness!!!

Are you angry with everyone and everything all the time? Do you feel like there is a volcano inside you, waiting to erupt? Learn the healthy ways to deal with your anger.

Power 'N Support Team Group

Power ‘N Support is a separate group operating at The Wellness Center of San Joaquin County. It is designed to empower, educate and inform those facing challenges of mental illness, that they are not alone and that through unity, advocacy and leadership, they are able to bring awareness to the community in a positive way. If you want to make an impact, come to a Power ‘N Support Group!

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